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Hatred and confusion 1214

You believe that anything goes don’t you.Lie cheat steal its ok.Just as long as you get the money right.Torture that’s ok too according to you.You are desperate and that should allow you to do anything your little depraved heart desires doesn’t it.All the while wrapping it in a cloak of misunderstanding.I have to listen while you tell me I just don’t understand.The idea was to drive me to suicide.I am not stupid despite your false beliefs that I am.You are arrogant self entitled depraved and …view more

used and abused 1216

I have had it with you.You sneak in and out of peoples homes, think you live there, then get mad when they move out, turn off the utilities.You think you are owed that its our responsibility to take care of you the rest of your life.You stole my cell phone thinking it was yours to with as you pleased.You believe that anything I receive in life belongs to you.It doesn’t.You aren’t my sister child or kin to me in any way by blood or marriage.I am tired of your jealousy hatred envy.I am tired of …view more

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