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idk 1528

i’ve always been the type of person to try and see the best in people. a part of me believes that’s why i’m in the position i’m in right now, because i’m so forgiving. i’ve come to the realization that i’m not enough for anyone. i’ve had heartbreaks and i’ve had nights where i’ve stayed up until 2am crying my eyes out into the nape of my shirt and clenching my fists.
i’ve had nights where i lay there emotionless in bed staring at the ceiling because talking out my feelings isn’t even worth it, …view more

Charity? 1722

Just cause we don’t have Louie Vuitton bags or diamond jewelry doesn’t mean I need help. Just cause I don’t buy overpriced sneakers doesn’t mean I’m gonna gladly accept your old shitty pair. Just wait… Just wait… Just because I don’t waste my money on simple material desires doesn’t mean I am willing to do anything or beg. Just because I’m not wasteful, doesn’t mean I’m charity.

sick of the bullshit 1521

I’m fat, and no I don’t want your pity. I just don’t understand why I can’t even get a fat girl to fucking like me. Everyone is all about looks first, personality second. Even the fat ugly ass bitches that preach about the idea that people should accept you for who you are, are going around just landing desperate, decent looking men. It’s fucking outrageous how hypocritical and fucking stupid women truly are. I bust my ass every mother fucking day and night. I’ve dieted on and off for 2 years, …view more

Sometimes I hate my father so much. 2125

I understand him and can accept that he was raised in a different time, and that it’s just who he was raised to be…but it kills me inside. My father would rather me marry an abusive alcoholic white man than a loving and compassionate black man. I fear I will never be able to be happy and find love because I fear disappointing him.

It’s not my ovaries fault you’re acting like a bitch. 1222

People need to learn that what we mean to be insulting and what actually is insulting are aren?t mutually exclusive. If you accidentally insulted somebody, accept, apologize, rectify. Do not blame them. Do not go apeshitty ?OMG WHY ARE YOU GETTING INSULTED WHEN I DIDN?T EVEN MEAN IT THAT WAY YOU?RE JUST EMOTIONAL? Just because you didn?t mean it doesn?t mean you aren?t to blame. Also getting angry because somebody else is angry at you as a self defence mechanism makes you a petty, spoilt child. …view more

Scared to come out 3337

I have gender dysphoria (male to female) and I’m scared about coming out to my friends, and wonder whether they’ll accept me or not.

It’s all so bloody confusing.

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