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boyfriend part 2 1228

Boyfriend is an ass…. He wants me to cutt all contact with my family. He hates my dad and sister.

He wants are son to grow up with his parents only being the grandparents. And if I take are son to seem my parents he gets pissed…. I could only spend 20 with them. And with is family about 5 hours…. Not right.

Before we moved out of are parents. my parents only got to see him like 30mins(15 in the morning,15 at night some times they didn’t get to see him at all) a day while his mother saw him 8 …view more

Merits 1330

Judge me on my actions and how well I treat others. I’m not a murderer or a liar or a user. You have no right to ridicule how I treat others when I treat them with the same respect I give to you, the person ridiculing me. Keep your damned cynicism. Don’t taint me with it. Even if you don’t agree with my methods (as long as they don’t hurt people) say you understand how I feel. Don’t talk down to me or insult me or ridicule me because you don’t have the mental or emotional capacity to understand …view more

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