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Please just stop 1615

I’m so sick of you complimenting yourself. You make an appearance and the only thing you talk about is you. You belittle others and advertise yourself. You talk about how *you* make everything interesting, how your sense of humor is superior, how everyone loves you… and you think that you’re welcome everywhere. Which is not true.

When I talk with my friends and you’ve just finished with yours, you join my friends and I not even thinking twice about whether or not we want you there. True, most …view more


I have the curse of dumbass friends and a dumbass family. If I’ve got something wrong and want to talk it out you damn well better listen because I listen to your stupid made up shit (I listen to your shit everyday about how this random guy in Georgia or where the fuck ever likes you but has a girlfriend. Shut up, you don’t know him, you just found a picture of a cute boy and gave him a name), and if I say how I hate my mom on facebook, then get the fuck over it and don’t call everyone in the …view more

insanity wood 1717

people in alabama apparently don’t know china used to be communist. has the world touched the insanity wood?

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