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Abnormal Daydreams

Posted 30th December 2010 1421

I’m 17yo, female, pretty smart (IQ in the above average range), socially awkward, totally oblivious sometimes as to if someone is mocking me or actually being nice, and irritable, but non-violent.

Anyways, when I am bored, I daydream about how I might kill some random person (no one in particular, just a hypothetical person). I take into account factors such as victim specs (skills, habits, body type, relationships, reputation, hobbies, etc), location (distance from various geographic features, populousness, architecture style nearby, climate, weather, terrain, etc), motive, and so on. I also mentally design the mechanisms necessary to make imaginary booby traps in hypothetical places (different types of buildings, woods, fields, etc) work. The imaginings can get quite detailed, depending on how long I am bored.

I have no intent of actually carrying out my ideas. I’m not angry, or resentful or anything. I’m just bored- the daydreams aren’t even intentional at their inception.

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awkward smart random booby trap murder kill daydream non-violent wierd

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Posted by Anonymous 17th March 2011


Posted by lol 5th November 2016

i feel u

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