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Are there ay DECENT GUYS out there?!?!


Posted 29th November 2010 53

Honestly any guy that I let into my life the passed 6 months have hurt me. I am a very attractive woman and that’s all guys think about is sex. How about helping me through hardships and being there as a best friend. UGH!

All the signs were there that they wanted to date but no turned out they wanted friends with benefits and decided they would rather ruin our friendship to get sum. Do guys even know how mind draining that is to us?!?! When we are really into you and all you want is sex. WTF. I’m starting to think there are no DECENT MEN out there. I was just seeing someone about a month ago and on Thanksgiving I broke it off with him because he had no time for me. Really how do you not make time for someone you care for. I don’t understand guys one bit!

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Posted by Odd 3rd May 2012

Between what you’ve written and the number of guys who fall into that accursed “friend zone” (myself included) there seems to be some serious miscommunication going on. Maybe we should all use facebook or twitter to organize….

Posted by Anonymous 6th May 2012

Great, decent guys do exist. I married one.

Maybe you just keep subconsciously going after the same kind of person?

Posted by FuckGirls 9th May 2012

Girls I have worshipped and kissed their feet have used me for sex and then say we are only friends. So fuck everyone!!!

Hahahha. Well I guess what I am saying is, I feel your pain, I am sorry, screw guys and just look out for number one!!

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