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Posted 17th January 2009 1117

My roommate is a total fuckwad but yesterday he was even more fuckwad-y than usual…so i pissed on his toothbrush :D I almost want to tell him just to see his face. he did deserve it though!

roommate piss confession

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Posted by Dick 17th January 2009

Hahahahaha priceless, you should tell him and be ready to take a picture of his face….probably should hide your toothbrush after though :P

Posted by Tilde 18th January 2009

People used to gargle/brush their teeth with urine in the ancient times before Listerine and toothpaste. Dentists later learned it was the ammonia in urine that resulted in cleaner teeth, but the acidic nature of urine led to problems later in life. I’m afraid your revenge only resulted in giving your roommate cleaner teeth!

Posted by Anonymous 18th January 2009

Damnit! I shall have to thoroughly research my revenge next time!

Posted by Anonymous 24th February 2010

Until they get older and develop those aforementioned problems.
I pissed on the face washer in someone’s shower once because I was pissed off at them.
It felt great.

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