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Bad me


Posted 28th November 2008 3783

I’ve cheated on my girlfriend 4 times in the past 3 months, I just cant seem to stop.

Thing is, shes just told me shes pregnant, do I try to do right by her? Or run fast as possible in the other direction? I dont know, I dont think I’m the right kind of person for monogamy :( I’d feel bad abandoning her though, probably.

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Posted by Anonymous 29th November 2008

First of all, you can stop cheating; we all make choices. The fact of the matter is that you have a child on the way that is COMPLETELY innocent of what you or the mother has done. It’s simple: the rules to the game change when a child is involved. Ask yourself this question: Am I really the type of person that can abandon a child, and, not only could I live with that decision for the rest of my life, but do I want to perpetuate the child’s pain for the rest of their life by the one choice I make right now? And seriously, “I don’t think I’m the right kind of person for monogamy?” You know what you tell a smoker who doesn’t want to get cancer?: Stop smoking!! If you have no concept of what you are risking or doing by having sex, then zip your pants up, grow up and truly find out what it means to take responsibility for yourself and your actions because it sounds like you are just a child having sex. Sorry guy, but use your head for something better than to keep your shoulders connected.

Posted by Hard Corps 29th November 2008

Hey listen bro. First of all, monogamy is an unfair expectation of any guy. We just aren’t built for it. Of course it make sense from a females point of view to try and trap you into it, but you gotta do what’s right for you. As for the kid, general consensus right now is that it’s a woman’s body, it’s a woman’s choice whether or not to keep it. Well, if it’s her choice, then it’s her problem. It wasn’t like you had an agreement before hand to raise a family together. If she wants a kid, and you don’t, fine. Just go your separate ways. Just make sure she has no way of contacting you, because she’ll probably want child support so she can just sit on her lazy ass all day instead of getting a job to support the kid that she (unilaterally) decided to have. In short, fuck that bitch.

Posted by im your peach 30th November 2008

well….lets start out by saying….im a girl, have been cheating on my boyfriend this past year. First time cheater, but that doesn’t justify anything….that being said, i want you to understand that my point of view is fair, from either side.

I do believe that we all one day will find the one we truely love and OBVIOUSLY, this girl, is not the one for you . Whether or not you confess to her your cheating past, let her know that you have fear in monogamy and you guys need to be talking about abortion or some other solutions. ( sorry to alot of the readers here, i know i have offended some of you already )

Good luck.

Posted by MM 20th December 2008

@ Hard Corps

She didn’t get pregnant by herself. Guys like you are the most disgusting thing on the planet! Yes, it is a woman’s body.Yes, it is a woman’s choice. Said that the guy has to support her by being by her side through all the process. He doesn’t need to keep a romantic relationship with her but come on he’s the father of her child! At least they can tolerate themselves for the sake of the kid’s mental sanity.

Posted by Daddy 26th January 2009

Whoa Whoa Whoa, first of all, its her problem that she got pregnant. So wish her luck with that. As far as you cheating. A man has needs and if your gf couldnt provide you a solution to those needs then of course you had to look somewhere else. Dont feel bad that your just being a real man. As far as the baby, like i said its her problem, if she wants to keep it, then its hers. You shouldnt have to worry about it or pay for it because she made a mistake.

Posted by Anonymous 21st March 2009

Hey asshole “daddy” - it takes two people to screw without protection and get pregnant. Go fuck a goat, hopefully that’s all youll ever fuck.

Posted by your mama 11th March 2010

fucking asshole

Posted by Anonymous 26th July 2010

wo what an arsehole u r “daddy” u should be locked away so no woman has to put up with ur selfishness if men like u wernt around the world would be a better place!!! how dare u give advice like that who do u think u r gods gift i very much doubt it y dont u MAN UP AND STOP BEING A prick

Posted by Anonymous 28th October 2011

To those of you saying it’s “her fault” or “her problem” that she’s pregnant, it takes two to tango! And it’s BOTH of their faults for not having a discussion before hand about what to do in the event of an unintended pregnancy, so he is in no way not responsible for the situation!

Posted by Anonymous 30th October 2011

Wow. I can’t believe some of the comments I’ve been reading. I didn’t know so many people had such warped, messsed up views on how to live and act. I fear for the coming generations. As for you, sir, she’s probably better of without you unless you can get your act straight. IF you can’t decide if you’re going to be in this childs life or not. No on an off crap, its bad for the child. You will have to pay child support and if you don’t you will owe interest until you do…or you could go to jail. It may be her body and her choice, but it was your sperm that you chose to irresponsibly share. Grow up and don’t listen to these immature lowlifes that are saying this is not your problem.

Posted by the crusader 3rd December 2011

you guys make me sick! its fucknuts like you that make all guys look bad. its complete arseholes like you that make it so god damn difficult for women to trust men.guys like you that make it so hard for men to talk to girls because there so closed up, because they have been hurt by you…i hope youre happy man, because YOU are the reason men are made out to be chauvinistic pigs..thanks alot you unworthy piece of shit.

Posted by A Real Man 9th February 2013

Grow a pair, you baby. Fucking around and catching diseases isn’t going to get you anywhere and your baby-mama is probably your best option for a good future.
So stop trying to have #swag and be a man!

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