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Posted 28th November 2008 2223

I am a soldier, a decorated combat veteran. Pop culture tells us combat is supposed to be “emotionally difficult” at best, “psychologically crippling” at worst. But that’s not how it is for all of us. I can honestly say there is nothing more thrilling in this life. After my first close personal kill, I fell in love with it. It’s better than rough, angry, cocaine-driven sex with a married woman in a church bathroom stall! I am a member of a Special Forces unit and have been deployed several times, and can’t wait for the next one. I’m hoping we invade Iran soon so we can go back to free fire zones without all these bullshit restrictive rules of engagement. Most citizens of civilized nations need to be greatly motivated to fight. But some of us just need to be unleashed. Unleash me!!! I don’t care if I live or die, and I don’t care who you wan’t me to kill. It’s all the same to me, just put me in the the thick of it! I’m single, no family, 24 years old. I’m completely expendable and I love it that way because it keeps things simple and easy. There is nothing for me here. I’ve never told anyone this outside of my closest friends, because even in the military it’s not “politically correct” anymore to enjoy killing, even when you are killing the enemies of your country. Ferocity and naked aggression are totally taboo. It’s total bullshit. We live in a nation of pacifist sheep, but I am a predator, a hunter, a born killer- a Wolf. So I’ll just stay under the radar, and secretly continue to love doing my job.

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Posted by Anonymous 29th November 2008

for some reason your comment makes sense. war was originally blood and guts, one on one, fight to the death combat. i believe that is the way to fight, where skill of hand, on a sword not a button, determines the outcome. it is better to enjoy killing in battle than to enjoy killing an innocent. as long as it is in battle, your lust is acceptable to me.

Posted by Anonymous 30th November 2008

And you’re telling me that you don’t have psychological disorders? :)

You’re in a make belief reality that you’ve created to tuck away your guilt. you’re just living this short dream, but do me a favor, mark my words, give yourself 5 more years and please post an update on this site. I’d mark my calendar just to see what you’d have to say. Go on with your unjust killing of the poor souls that are doing nothing but defending their country. Hell awaits your kind.

Posted by satyr 1st December 2008

it sounds like you are the one in the fantasy world “anonymous”. “unjust killing of the poor souls that are doing nothing but defending their country.” what a way to describe the destruction of terrorists networks who prey on innocent people around the world because they don’t follow a barbaric, intolerant religion and a make-believe god.

Posted by Anonymous 1st December 2008

To the person asking him about if he has any disorders….You should listen to yourself….He is doing the samething they are. He is defending his country, so you have a safe, free place to live. So really if you think about it….its him or them. You should just be happy you have someone that is willing to do that for you, so you don’t have to….

Posted by Dr. 666 16th December 2008

i think i may have to agree with the last comment. i respect and admire soldiers who can put themselves out there for the good of the whole. i think its honorable. and so fucking what if he LIKES his job? thats really what it is if you break it down. a job. a paid protector… all you guys are ok with cops right? whats the difference?


just because the majority of you are ungrateful fucks and complain your job is SO terrible doesnt give you the right to judge an honorable american citizen for his job…whether or not that entails murder for hire.

besides arent we ALL entitled to have a dark side?

Posted by burnt out 25th June 2011

Look personal feelings aside i may disagree with how he feels but i have many close friends and family members who are veterans and they all say something primal happens, hell it happens in us all what would you do if you were in a life or death situation? Judge i dare you because you know i am right. Now i do disagree with how war is fought and why in this day and age but that is our responsibility to make things better and to help our fellow humans but thats only if people stopped and thought about the future of our entire species. i am putting my bet on darwinism.

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