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Cant Take High School Anymore


Posted 7th April 2013 2428

Not sure why I’m even posting this to be honest. I guess I have no where else to express these feelings. I’m 16 years old and a sophomore at a fairly large highschool. I FUCKING hate it. I don’t hate it for the normal excuses such as homework, difficulty or rules. No, I hate the people there. The people I have to call my peers, all though I consider them no more than animals. Modern day society has molded them into these mindless zombies that feel the necessity to join every clique, be an asshole to everyone, follow every trend and talk shit by using incomprehensive slang that is filled with grammatical errors. It disgusts me. I see this shit every day and virtually can do nothing about it. I especially hate it when people such as this can somehow better me in a subject with a high grade when they can’t speak proper English. It makes me want to kill them all. I have contemplated shooting up the school numerous times but never go through with it because why should I discard my life to liberate these moronic fuck ups? Even the people I consider my friends, I can’t stand. I’m not a very social person to be honest. I’d much rather play videogames by my self than deal with other people’s biased bull shit in which I’m subject to care about because otherwise I’m a reject. I find it funny and hypocritical that the ones they harass and consider rejects are rejects themselves. I feel I have no self worth at the fucking hell considered my school. I have to wear a mask that resembles an ignorant, conceited and all around degenerate of a fucking worthless human being to avoid being harassed and tortured by these “animals”. That mask prevents me from reaching my highest potential in highschool and is why I fail. It prevents me to put forth any effort at all. At this point I’ve been succumbed to it so that this mask has now become my inner most true character. I have become what I hate. I won’t make it in collage. My GPA is no where near acceptable. I never planned on going anyway. I took more of an interst in the military. Specifically the Marine Corps. Discipline and respect. There I may be liberated from this fake character I have adapted. Even if I don’t, I have a chance at getting shot to shit and have these thoughts removed from my life. I’m not religious. I believe in no sort of an afterlife or reborn soul. I’m not a bad kid. I only received one referral as a kid for a slight act of vandalism (writing on a seat of a bus in the sixth grade). Other than that I honestly never received detention or any other sort of remediation. I have no urge to drink as of legal age or us drugs. Which brings me to another aspect about the fuck ups I hate. The pot heads, alcoholics, crack whores and I shit you not they use cocaine at this school. Why waste your life on a rush of good feeling, or whatever the fuck it is you feel besides your brain cells decaying, on a drug that lasts a limited amount of time. But what do I know, I’m the “fuck up”. This whole pot legalization shit pisses me off as well. How about instead of acting bad ass and blowing all your money that you mooched off someone because your a deadbeat idiot who can’t find a job on a fucking high that has a timed effect, you put it forth something important. For alcohol, why break the law? What the fuck is the point of that? To be cool, to prove your bullshit personality is really true to your character? The hell if I know, I’m the “fuck up”. I hate these African American men who talk all slang and embrace this bull shit culture media has produced for them. I may be considered racist but what the fuck?! Starting race wars, using the word “nigger” exesivelly and pretending being poor is bad ass, no idea what pleasure you get from that. Fucking ignorant lifestyle. Not to mention the inbred redneck fuckers that also inhabit that school. The fuckers who do blurt out racial slurs and are entirely proud of it. The only fucking education those idiots have is how to hunt. All these bastards make me want to end it. I have had suicidal thoughts ever since the start of middle school. That’s when girls became slutty bitches because their tits grew and guys became cocky, selfish pricks because their balls dropped. I miss elematary school. The innocence of us all. That will never be seen again in these fucking contorted generations of today. I don’t know how much longer I can withstand the bullshit served to me by my peers so I guess that is the reason I posted this rant. In hope someone would realize I’m talking about them and change their life. But I guess it’s too fucking late now, ain’t it?

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Posted by kat’s out of the bag 16th October 2013

It’s been seven years since I graduated high school, and though I don’t live in that same town I see that the same idiotic, bullshit that guides a lot of fucktards in high school still motivates them beyond high school. So really there is no escape, just find a way to escape- and no I don’t mean through illegal or even legal highs I mean through finding ways to fuck with people on the day to day basis; undermine them every chance you get.

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