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Cheap ass boyfriend

Posted 9th April 2011 108

I’m so tired of having a cheap ass boyfriend. I went out and bought steaks and everything else to cook on the grill so we could have a date night in since he can’t afford to take me out. His lazy ass didn’t check to see if we had enough charcole!!!!! So now we can’t even do that. I’m not going to buy anything else so looks like sandwiches in now. Sucks big time!!!!!!!

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Posted by Anonymous 25th April 2011

I think its safe to assume you’re female. I’d say get a boyfriend with more money if that is whats important to you.
also this:

Posted by Anonymous 26th April 2011

Don’t bitch at him over this. It’s obviously your fuck up. If you go out and buy steaks to grill, why the hell didn’t you check to see if you had charcoal to grill with? Jeez, what a dumbass. If you actually gave a shit about this guy then money wouldn’t be an issue. Seems you’re the one with the issues. I hope like hell that you choke on your sandwich.

Posted by The Illusive Man 12th June 2011

What they said, maybe not as harsh, but still…seriously? REALLY?

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