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Clean up your language


Posted 27th November 2008 38101

Do you people have to use the F word in your conversations? Of course on this site we’ll never know who you are, but those around you can tell how much you care by the language you use. You don’t impress anyone using the F word. Is your view of your life, your world, and everyone around you so pessimistic that you have to swear at anything that moves? Every time you swear, your I.Q. drops a point. You can make your point with clean language. Grow up. The world is not impressed with potty mouths. Potty mouths identify themselves as the jerks they are. Don’t degrade yourself by using foul language. Garbage does enough of that.

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Posted by Anonymous 27th November 2008

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ahh the english language!

Posted by Anonymous 27th November 2008

oops didn’t work…

here go watch this.

Posted by Anonymous 27th November 2008


Posted by God 27th November 2008

uhm, fuck that

Posted by SatiricalBigot 28th November 2008

Go flap your stupid cuntlips somewhere else.

Posted by person 30th November 2008

do you actually have any freinds. you should fucking kill youre self you really should. maybe you could hang youreself. anyway, just shut the fuck up.

Posted by Anonymous 4th December 2008

aw…I fucking love swearing! It’s fucking beautiful!


Posted by Anonymous 17th December 2008

“Every time you swear, your I.Q. drops a point”

Complete fabrication. Words only have the power you give them. If you find certain words unpleasant, it is your fault.

In other words, grow up.

Posted by sum1 27th December 2008

Holy shitty cunt buckets batman! I just have the urge to say fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Posted by :P 30th December 2008

I try not to curse in 3D, so on HERE, fuck you.

Posted by Profanity is 25th January 2009

Profanity is the refuge of the inarticulate.

Posted by El Cynicz 27th February 2009

What a fucking load of complete fucking cuntish shit bollocks, you must be a fucking total twat you fucking smarmy arsed fucking fucker

Posted by AnastaciaBeaverhousen 31st March 2009

u sound like a snob tbf …and who are you trying to kid everbody curse’s

in short…..FUCK YOU!!!

Posted by Anonymous 8th February 2010

Fuck your fuck in the fuck, cockfuck.

Posted by hey 11th March 2010

you guys are so disrespectful.

Posted by Anonymous 27th April 2010

“Potty mouth”

How adult.

Yes, I can see why you’re repremanding people here.

I’ve poured you a glass of milk, here’s some biscuits and you can watch the Teletubbies on TV.


Posted by Anonymous 12th May 2010

I don’t swear excessively in real life, but on a website specifically designed for ranting about random stuff, why not? This site is for verbal diarrhea- we’re all just spewing our problems into cyberspace to get it out of our systems, not to impress anyone.

Posted by Anonymous 25th April 2011

Mom?! I told you to stay off the internets! Its not for you.

Posted by Anonymous 1st June 2011

Wow! Maybe I should swear more often. If I do maybe one day I will be as retarded as the idiots I’m surrounded by. And I agree with anonymous on dec 18 2008.

Posted by Keith Richards 27th June 2011

Hmmm. Hoity-toity of you. Shit happens, & most often on message boards such as these, which are designed w/ the express purpose of venting in a verbally aggressive manner rather than a physically aggressive manner. So w/ all due respect, fuck you & the horse you rode in on. :-}

Posted by Anonymous 12th August 2011

Did you miss the “venting” thing ?
People feel anger , bitterness , rage , disappointments … do you explosively express those feelings through poetic words ?!

oh and Fuck you , you selfrighteous smug shit

Posted by Anonymous 10th January 2012

my IQ is 135 puts me in top 2.2% in the world i say fuck a lot its the best word there is grow the fuck up adults are the only ones aloud to say it for a reason….

Posted by I AGREE 24th August 2012

To an extent I don’t think any IQ drops from this I have a sailor’s mouth myself unfortunately, people just shouldn’t swear it becomes an awful habit to kick

Posted by Bubble Gum 11th May 2013

It’s really not as big of a deal as you make it. Anyone can make ANY word foul. I can start calling people sock puppets and if I say it in a bad way, it can be a bad word. It is people like you that make this world a bad place to live, you fucking prude. Now go and walk in front of a fucking bus, you fucking sock puppet!

Posted by Anus 5th November 2013

“Suck my penis.” - nice, clean language.

Posted by Sure… 17th April 2014

Some people don’t want to impress people, you may live your life trying to impress people like some desperate lunatic, but some of us DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK.

Posted by Anonymous 7th August 2015

Dear Anonymous,
Don’t let these comments get to you. You are just here on this page venting your feelings out to the world. It is your opinion and no-one can change it. I totally agree with you. It is really ingenious and preposterous how much people curse these days. I, however, think by just using words that aren’t bad you can approach this with a clean point.

Stay Strong,

Posted by Anonymous 27th March 2016

@Sure… is totally right. I don’t give a fuck about impressing other people. Cursing is something I do, and if you don’t like it, then you can fuck off out of my life. And also, I can’t help being pessimistic, it’s who I am. Also, if you can’t handle somebody saying the word “fuck” then maybe you’re the one who has some growing up to do, not me. This is the real world, everybody is different, learn to accept other people’s choice of words, stop sheltering yourself.

Posted by Bach 22nd October 2016

Swearing helps keep some of the stress off you know. If we ”can’t” swear, then what should we do? Type gibberish like this? adguysjhdakasbfjaskfbabfa,mnm It makes no sense! Which is why we swear. Good day sir.

Posted by Anonymous 24th February 2017


Posted by Anonymous 23rd May 2017

Try listening to the content rather than the way its delivered.Who knows we might just stop being so frustrated as to curse so much.In essence stop being so freaking dense

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