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Closet Facestalker…

Posted 11th July 2010 613

One of the (myraid of) reasons for breaking up with my boyfriend was that I did not accept his friendship with a girl who was constantly disrespecting me and throwing herself at him every chance she got. This included her and another (awful) friend of hers giving him a (clothed) lapdance for his birthday at a party full of our mutual friends. I felt so embarrassed when that happened, it was NOT OK and it was also NOT OK for them to act as though their relationship was normal and I was the one being a bitch.

The problem is… I’ve been broken up with him for a few months now, and I can’t stop checking their facebook pages! I have to look at both of their pages at least a few times a week so I can see if anything is happening… I’ve become a facebook-stalker and I am so embarrassed.

I want to stop but I just can’t help myself. I know the only person I’m hurting is myself and I need to get over it and stop looking, but it’s like I’m addicted!

ashamed facebook bitch boyfriend friend stalk

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Posted by mr.t 11th July 2010

Yeah you’ve become obsessed with this guy. Also you did the wrong thing by just dumping him. As it shows youre weak and you basically gave him to her. She was trying to steal him off you coz obviously she likes him. And you just let her take him rather than showing him that you are the better person.

Anyway i hope you learn and move on. I wouldn’t go back there now. You should delete both people off your Facebook otherwise you’ll be wasting your life being absorbed in it when there are far better things you could be doing.

Posted by Anonymous 12th July 2010

I think I did the right thing by dumping, hells NO should I have to ‘fight’ for my boyfriend, if he is even considering other people when we’re in a committed relationship then his ass isn’t worth seeing.

Do agree about the needing to move on bit, it’s just difficults ;<

Posted by Anonymous 20th July 2012

Whenever I hate someone I creep them to. It’s hard not to! I don’t blame you.

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