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Posted 25th November 2008 2519

When people compliment me I feel very uncomfortable.

compliment people uncomfortable confession

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Posted by TasteThis 25th November 2008

Maybe you should try complimenting yourself in the mirror so you can get used to it.

…or you could compliment them back.

Posted by Jib 25th November 2008

Me too, I’m always looking for the hidden sarcasm

Posted by livlie 26th November 2008

believe me everyone feels this….i always wait for someone to shout “NOT!” right after a compliment

Posted by Anonymous 27th November 2008

ME TOO!! i feel like i have to compliment back, and don’t know what to say.

Posted by Anonymous 28th November 2008

I’ve never been comfortable with a compliment.

Posted by Anonymous 30th November 2008

You just smile and say thank you every time. You’ll get used to it sometime. :D

Posted by Anonymous 3rd December 2008

I feel the same way too…I always think they are kidding and wait for some one to say something smart…

Posted by Anonymous 6th December 2008

Just smile and say thank you.

Complimenting back seems insincere.

Posted by Daddy 27th January 2009

Are you fat and ugly? Because that would explain it. The people are probably just being nice instead of being honest with you. Thats normal.

Posted by meyeh 7th March 2010

bollocks. most people don’t feel like this, and are happy to get a compliment or several

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