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Posted 28th November 2008 1113

UGGGGGH! I was talking to my crush at lunch and this one icantthinkofanamebadenough girl came over and was like ‘you like him!?!” and then walked away. how can i get revenge?

crush love embarassed

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Posted by Anonymous 30th November 2008

Don’t sweat this. This stupid girl isn’t even worth your time or energy.

Posted by Anonymous 2nd December 2008

Let me put your fears to bed, Crushin. You see, you don’t have to do a thing to this girl, because life will surely do it to her years down the road. Anyone that insecure about who they are that they need to cock block you, will find themselves in one failed relationship after another, years of denial coping with personal shortcomings, self-loathing, and a collection of friends who are either just as bad as her and/or will not let her get close enough to be that good friends. I’ve seen it happen. You might even feel bad for her when you really see how much better off you are. Just sit back, relax, and watch the destruction unfold on facebook while you carry on with your own life. Does the opinion of this sad individual really mean that much in the end? If there’s one thing I regret from my younger days it’s that I cared to much about what assholes like her thought. Don’t wait until your my age to realize this. You go get your crush and you have the best goddamn time of you life.

Posted by Diderot 24th June 2010

Trust me he probably knows already.

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