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Customer Service


Posted 7th August 2010 36

If you want decent customer service in any retail establishment, pick the ones that are located near blue collar neighborhoods. The reason for this is that they are drawing their clerk employment pool from those neighborhoods, and blue collar kids learn what service means - and its importance to job security - from a much earlier age than suburban kids.

If you go to any retail establishment deep in the heart of suburbia, you are in a bad customer service zone. These kids view the workplace as their personal hangout, and you, the customer, as an interloper. If you are lucky enough to warrant their undivided attention, you will be asked overly personal questions designed to embarrass you and generally treated like the odd man out, which is exactly how they view you. They are coming from a high school attitude of ‘this place is ours, what are you doing here’ because they have never been threatened with being fired before, and wouldn’t know why to be scared of that even if they had.

So, if you want to be treated like, IDK, THE CUSTOMER, go a little out of your way to the shops nearer the tracks. Those kids value their jobs, and they could certainly use the money much more than the spoiled little shits in the ‘burbs.

customer service attitudes chopped liver?

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