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Posted 14th October 2010 2613

I am the most USELESS person ever; I cannot fulfill my parents’ expectations about being the best clarinet player, or being the best computer programmer, hell, I don’t even WANT to be a computer programmer or a clarinet player! I wanted to write and sing and run! Their insane expectations just stress me out and GUESS WHAT, I’m taking a 5th year of school and it has NOTHING to do with them suddenly pressing me to finish half a year early! I’m being sarcastic. I don’t do well with assholes hanging over my shoulder watching everything I do.

Speaking of assholes watching everything I do, this isn’t made any better by the fact that I have a goddamned stalker. He’s the boyfriend of a friend, which technically means I should put up with him, but I am already pissed off as hell. I told him a secret in confidence that he would not repeat it to anyone, and guess what? He told everyone else. Not ‘he told one person and that person told another person who told another person’, but HE told every person individually what my secret was. Asshole. I cut him off and said that I was not talking to him, he is never and will never be a friend. I AM NOT forcing my friends to choose between him and me; I simply mean that if he tries to talk to me, I am NOT going to be on friendly terms with him. In other words, if I see him he can be expected to be met with chilly silence, and if he tries to talk to me he can expect verbal abuse. And guess what? He’s been lurking outside of my school for the past month, trying to call me for the last month, getting one of my denser friends to pass ‘messages’ for him. He went rooting through the dumpster of my old elementary school to see if he could find information on me. He sees ME more often than he sees his own girlfriend, and frankly I’m sick of it. I can’t even call the police on his sorry ass because my mom would kick me out of my house, and also, have I mentioned that my mother from hell thinks I’m exaggerating and that I’m the one bothering him? The dude has no reason to be near my highschool or even my elementary school; face it, he went AN HOUR OUT OF HIS WAY JUST TO HARASS ME. He does this EVERY SCHOOL DAY.

I hate my goddamned life and wish I’d just drowned when I was six to spare myself all this shit this year. Between my mother and that stalker I don’t even know why I bother going to school or going home.

useless parents expectations stalker harassment

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Posted by *sigh* 24th August 2012

Expectations suck, find a friend who would be willing to let you bunk with them for a while and call the cops on the guy’s ass because frankly if your own mom doesn’t believe that he’s bugging you then screw her I’m sorry for my word choice but she should believe you it doesn’t sound like you have a heavy past in lying and if you tell her you’re being stalked or bugged by someone she should rush to help you resolve it because you’re her child! Now go call them cops on this guy the creep!

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