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Posted 16th April 2012 1522

Okie hey, so there’s this guy.. well actually a few guys I am like crushing over. But there’s been a lot of drama and confusion with one in particular. Well he told me, he liked me & such. & I was shocked & confused. Then I told him I liked him & I did for a bit but then it past like I was just caught in the moment and now I believe he’s all pissed and stuff about that cause I’ve been ranting about another guy on twitter on how he’s amazingly cute and such. & it’s just so frustrating I’m stuck. He’s also my best friend & I think part of me doesn’t want him as my boyfriend because of that. I almost lost another good friendship cause of similar things like this. & I don’t want it to happen to me again. I feel bad though cause If I tell him the truth it will crush him. Cause he really likes me… urgh … my decision is undecided. & I realize now by posting stuff about the other guy was really childish of me and immature, & I really didn’t think about all this.. & now I wish I could take it back until I tell the one guy who likes me how I really feel. I feel bad really bad. . .

crushing confusion shocked confused pissed

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Posted by judge judy 17th April 2012

You’re a spoiled brat idiot. Get real and grow up.

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