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Dangerous Driver in Baltimore

Posted 31st August 2011 1511

To the driver of the black BMW who roadraged on me and my son near the campus of Towson University yesterday afternoon: I hope that your anger leads to you make a bad driving decision, and that this decision costs you your life in a horrible carr accident involving only your vehicle. But before you die, I hope you watch helplessly as someone you love dies screaming in flames next to you. How many other people have you done this too? Based on what I saw yesterday, the world will be better off without you. Find a way to deal with your anger or it’s going to get you and someone else killed. But what’s the point of giving advice: you probably enjoy hurting people, because it makes you forget for a moment how miserable you are about your own life. Do us all a favor: just drive your car into a telelphone pole and kill yourself. The world will be a better place without you.

road rage

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