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Dating the Millenniums


Posted 9th August 2010 1013

I think it is funny that I can more easily continue a friendship with someone in China, a country on the other side of the world, than I can initiate an intimate relationship with someone in the United States. I think I know why that is, too. At first I made excuses and tried to put a positive spin, each excuse tailored specifically for every failed attempt, but then I realized that there was a pattern. You see, I’ve come to understand that these roadblocks and obstacles are unique to my generation. Yes, especially my generation of the Western world. I believe that American youth, in particular, are spoiled rotten brats with such a strained liberal social mentality that the very fabric of ethics and morality has been stretched into a thinness of almost non-existence. I think that mannerisms of the civilized world have either failed to be passed down by the last generation because of poor parenting or because children of this era are so dense, that even simple concepts of systematic phrases of compassion cannot bypass the barrier of Echo Boomer generation’s patented superior strain of apathy. I’ve seen that people my age, despite carrying themselves with the most pompous and snide form of self-righteousness developed from their delusions caused by excessively radical idealist humanitarianism, have a sense of right and wrong so weak that it may change at the first sign of convenience! These multiple characteristics, which I believe are shared by a majority of my generation, sum up the very flawed and irritating people I attempt to woo on a daily basis; a task both torturous and completely unrewarding. If only I could resign to being a hermit and die alone and happy. Alas, I am a social creature and require companionship, even if I must settle for the grime that we must accept as our country’s youth.

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