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Deadbeat dads are the lowest pieces of shit ever!


Posted 8th February 2014 27

I wish I could say everything that I am getting ready to say to your ugly face! You have got some real nerve motherfucker! I hope you know that I only let you get by with this shit because I don’t want you to EVER have a chance at visitation with MY son! How dare you claim me and MY son on your taxes when you abandoned me and your 3 children 8 fucking years ago! You have not paid a DIME to me in all those 8 years, and you think you deserve something? I hope you enjoy that $3000.00 you got back you worthless motherfucker! Do you think I believed you when you said you were going to send me half of it? Just like I believe you every year when you say your going to send the kids some money for Christmas or their birthday??? I know you are lying every single fucking time! Now you call and make up some bullshit that the accountant says he needs me to call and give him my ID number, or you can’t get the refund, and that you will just have to claim yourself and only get $600.00 back. Yeah RIGHT!!!! You just said that as an excuse as to why you aren’t sending me half! Me and you both know you already got it!!! Call me up drunk and yelling at me!!! You have no right!!! You and your whores are drugging it up on money you got from claiming MY son! MY SON!!!! You piece of shit, he doesn’t even KNOW you! How DARE you make free money off of him! When you left 8 years ago, it was 2 weeks before Christmas, and you left us with NOTHING! And you didn’t CARE! Yet you took that whore of yours Christmas shopping and bought her $2,000 worth of clothes and jewelry!!! You bought yourself a brand new leather jacket with a stupid redneck flag on the back, and your new boots! I had to pawn everything we had just to pay the rent and bills until I could figure out a way to make a living for us. Now I sell crafts to get by, but I can’t get any taxes back, because I don’t get a regular paycheck! But you, you worthless deadbeat can get $3,000.00 and claim a child that you have not taken care of for 8 years! Other “fathers” get thrown in jail for that shit! You should be happy that I don’t push for child support! The ONLY reason I don’t is so you and your bitchy sisters don’t try to retaliate and get visitation just for spite! Because God knows I don’t want my baby to be exposed to meth, crack, liquor, and God knows what else! I’d hate to think about what you would let your whores do to him! You are nothing but a worthless deadbeat piece of shit! You know what’s going to happen? When you get old, which won’t be too long, because meth has done made you look like your 80. But when you get old, you will be frail and sick and all alone. You won’t have any grandchildren to come visit you. You will probably die alone in some homeless shelter or something. Because these kids hate you for what you did to them! The older ones hate you with everything that is in them. The youngest doesn’t even know you. When he is old enough, and I don’t have to worry about you getting visitation with him, I will sue your ass! And I’m going to tell your ass off, and your bitch sisters! They think it is okay that you just up and left. They used to lecture you, but I know you, you piece of shit. You probably told them that these kids didn’t belong to you anyway. I hope one of them ever says that to me. Because it can be proved, and then they can kiss my ass!!!Your sister is a dumb ass, and she should wake up. You stole her credit card, yet she still takes up for you. What an idiot! You keep getting yourself in trouble by writing bad checks all the time! Your dumbass sister ahd the nerve to call me one time and try to insinuate that somebody in this house did it! I guess you told her they were old checks or something, because you had already been gone for years!!! Keep me out of your criminal ways you maggot!!! I don’t break laws, YOU DO!!!! How dare that bitch even insinuate something like that!!! You have wrote cold checks all your stupid adult life!!! She should know that!!! I’ve never written a cold check in my life. Go blame it on one of your whores! Not on your wife who you left years ago!!! You don’t care about anybody for yourself. I love how you stupid sister told someone “Poor B****, she won’t even let him see the kids”. I had to laugh at that! Like you even tried to see them. What the hell did you tell them? I bet you made up a bunch of bullshit as an excuse as to why you don’t see them or give them money. I can tell both of the bitches that you have never tried to see them, or even send them a cent! You are worthless. You are not a father. You are a piece of shit. Now I know what was wrong with your teeth when I met you. METH! I didn’t know about that stuff the, but now I do. I need to put your picture on Faces of Meth. How many teeth you have now, one? I HATE YOU!!!! I HATE YOUR FAMILY!!!!YOUR KIDS HATE YOU!!!! DON”T CALL ME NEXT YEAR ABOUT ANY TAXES!!! I HOPE YOU GO TO PRISON MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

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