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Dear little sister


Posted 27th November 2008 2024

Sometimes my sister used to make me so out of my mind angry I wanted to dig my nails into her face and tear some chunks right out.

I’ve calmed down in the past year or 2 though. Now, I only want to push her down the stairs.

sister wanted chunks calmed stairs confession rant

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Posted by Anonymous 27th November 2008

I know how you feel…My little sister is ten, me, my younger 18 year old sister, my 20 year old older sister and my 24 year old older brother told her when she turs 15 we are all going to kick her ass!! lol I don’t think she believes that we actually are going to do it though…

Posted by Sickindahead! 27th November 2008

I condemned you for not wanting to do something more cruel and/or brutal.

Posted by Anonymous 30th November 2008

haha :P

Posted by Daddy 26th January 2009

Whats stopping you? She obviously deserves it and has had it coming for a number of years now. Nows the time.

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