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Posted 28th March 2009 1222

Sometimes I become really aware that I will die and the idea of “everything’s fine now and then BANG! Darkness forever” scares the sh*t out of me.
On the other hand… thinking everyone’s going to die too kinda makes me feel a little better.

darkness forever scares thinking

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Posted by Anonymous 29th March 2009

It’s ok, it’s only natural.

Posted by Anonymous 6th May 2009

jeebus, I feel exactly the same way… and it can hit me out of nowhere sometimes. I used to believe in God but for a while now it seems ridiculous, and as much as I would like to believe we live on somehow even after death, I can’t conceive how. I just keep thinking how, one day, I won’t exist anymore, I will never see or hear or taste anything ever again, and it’s maddening… terrifying.

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