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Dipshit Job Hunting

Posted 26th June 2011 1223

Okay, if in case you’re wondering why you’re not getting hired, let me illuminate you.

1) You rocked up at my counter in a tank top and tight jeans–oh that’s professional. And you’re fat anyway, I don’t wanna see any of that shit!
2) You CAME BACK to my counter for another application because the one I’d just given you “flew out the window”–if you’re that careless about a simple piece of paper, how much more irresponsible and clueless will you be about your job duties?
3) You asked for a pen–come on, you KNOW you’re coming by to fill out an application, why am I expected to supply you with a writing implement?
4) You swiped the pen I gave you–if you’re going to presume I must supply you with a pen, the least you could do is return it!
5) You got pushy about asking when the hiring process would be over–look, that’s for me to know and you to find out exactly the way I did myself during past job hunts (translation: never, unless you nailed it)!

hunt application irresponsible

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