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Do your own damn work

Posted 15th February 2011 75

Are you guys stupid or just incompetent? Because I really want to know why you can’t do your own work. You are hired to put certain paperwork on the patients’ charts and when you print off part of that paperwork to my desk and expect me to interrupt my work (when you guys are busy we are too) just to do that portion of your job. I do it occasionally when I know that you are exceptionally busy and I’m slow, but when it’s insanely busy and 400 pieces of your paperwork print off, it pisses me off that you expect us to put it on the charts. I especially love it when you guys print the paperwork off, claiming you’re “busy” when I can hear people listening to the radio, talking, and generally chuckling it up. I also love it when I come over there and you guys are all on facebook or on some other internet site.

I’ve told your bosses several times about this and it gets better for a while, then you do it again. I’ve honestly just taken to throwing the paperwork out since it’s not me who gets in trouble if it isn’t there. It is you guys. It sounds cold, but I’ve got work to do as well and since my paycheck doesn’t show any extra pay for doing 40% of your job, I don’t feel like I should have to do this. Seriously, when 40% of your job is getting up off of your asses to file paperwork and you are “too busy” to do even that, you should seriously think about quitting so people who are willing to do the work can have your jobs.

I understand that you guys don’t want to do your work. I understand that sometimes you get caught up in the internet. Seriously, I do. We’ve all been there. But when this is a daily occurrence and you filing the paperwork becomes an exception rather than the rule it is supposed to be, that’s when it gets irritating.

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