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Dr. Jeckle and Mr.Hyde

Posted 3rd February 2014 112

Being gullible is a terrible trait that I used to have far more often than I do now. You see, I have been in a number or shady or shitty relationships, fuck who hasn’t!? Here’s the kicker though, and I’m not sure how often this happens to people, but I mean clearly i’m not the ONLY person in this kind of situation.
I was dating a guy after I graduated high school. This guy was a senior in high school, no big deal, a year or two apart, whatever. This boy was one of the sweetest boys i had ever met, we dated for a good year but i suddenly felt like my life was going in another direction. Before i could actually think on these feelings i found out that i was pregnant, 2 months pregnant by the way, and it was this guys kid. I hadn’t been with anyone else at all so i mean, it had to be.
though at first i was in disbelieve because either he lied when he said he was sterile, or he legit thought he was.

Anyhow, stress levels raised between us. I hated and or didn’t care much for his family, and the feeling was the same for him towards my family.
We got into an argument and he physically tried to restrain and or hurt me by grabbing my wrist. not TOO big a deal, but it did scare me enough to dump him.

I tried for months to make some kind of arrangement with him so he could be a part of our unborn childs’ eventual life. He would argue and fight me on it every single time, calling me names, verbally and emotionally harassing me for this that or the other.
eventually we made a deal, and i thought it would be fine;
He then says hes going to take me to court for HIS rights because i was being a bitch about them apparently.

I live with my parents, you cant just show up whenever you feel like it without calling 24 hours in advance and asking if you can come over, its NOT MY HOUSE. I don’t have the right to grant you this.

then my baby was born, and they were there for it, and visited me two out of the three days i was in the hospital. they called me three days after i returned home saying their mother wanted to see the baby.
Their mother was on heavy meds, prescribed or otherwise i’m unsure, but the woman couldn’t stand without swaying for more than a few seconds. i didn’t want her holding the baby, in fact, my family didn’t want her in the house, and neither did i. My agreement was with HIM ALONE no one else to come in and see the baby.
I refuse this request and he goes on a tangent about how i’m a bitch, i don’t know how to be a parent and he does.
(Hes never had a kid before, it was out first.)
Starts going on about how abusive and shit my father is (which he isn’t at all, i would know i live with him) How my “Fucking brothers” were something or another (the phone began to cut in and out) and that he felt
HIS baby was in danger and unsafe in “THAT HOUSE” that he wasn’t going to stop until he had her out of that house.

I live in that house, and have no where to move to, so it was kind of implied he wasn’t going to stop unless he took the baby from me all together. I blocked him from my phone after numerous messages that referred to me as a bitch, as scum, asking me if i was just being a bitch to cover up some scheme where i cheated on him and fucked some other dude and didn’t want him finding out. I was called dirt, i was told i “Kidnapped/stole/took/and ruined their lives” by not letting them near me or the baby anymore.
Refused contact unless a court was involved. Eventually the messaged moved to the internet after i blocked my phone so i then un-friended and blocked him there, eventually got a new number all together .
They still makes post that i’m told about every now and again where he refers to me as the bitch, or the monster, or discord, because
i “Stole his live away by keeping him from the baby”

Well i’m sorry, I tried to make an arrangement, I tried to have him in the childs’ life, its been 1 year and a few months since she was born and he continues to bash me without ever saying its me
(but as far as i know i’m the only one he had a kid with so it has to be me)

It’s just soo….frustrating. I understand why he wants to be with the baby i do, but if he is going to bash me, and emotionally, and mentally abuse me, whats going to stop him from doing the same thing to the baby just because they are a part of me to??

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