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Dumb friend pt 2 stop censoring my shit


Posted 10th December 2015 2229

You’re not ten anymore. You don’t get to treat me like shit and then go act like an idiot and blame me for all your fucking problems. I’m sorry you’ve had a terrible life. I’m sorry you were bred from a line of inbreeding hillbilly fucks who have zero brain cells in their entire being. I’m sorry your parents are weird. But guess what? My life’s been terrible too, and my parents are just as weird, and my genes are shit too because I’m going to die from fucking Alzheimer’s after struggling with depression and anxiety all my life. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying and BEING A DECENT PERSON. Now I know you’re slightly on the stupid side, and you’re a terrible friend and awful, just abysmal judge of character. But maybe, just maybe, you could scrounge together a few brain cells, apologize for all the shit you’ve thanklessly dragged me through, ditch the trillions of dumbass “friends” in your life, apologize to your parents for being a dumb brat, apologize to your idiot boyfriend for being a dumb whore, get some fucking BIRTH CONTROL, get your ass back in school and exert some EFFORT (instead of lecturing me about how lazy I am), figure out what the fuck you wanna do in life, graduate, get a real damn job instead of one that’s gonna get you raped, get your OWN house instead of mooching off everyone else, get MARRIED to that “man” of yours (and I’d better take precedence over everyone else in your life because without me you wouldn’t be here or else I fucking swear…), and then, and ONLY THEN, you can start seriously THINKING about having kids instead of fantasizing about it like a teenage moron.
You dumb, fucking, BITCH.
Don’t you ever accuse me of doing shit again because I am the ONLY one who has ALWAYS been there for you. Not your shitty idiot, no, ME, so instead of thanking the guy who does NOTHING, for once actually thank me who has done EVERYTHING. EEEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRRYYYYTTTTTHHHHIIIINNNNGGGG for you. EVERY. FUCKING. THING. It’s ALL from ME. Not HIM. ME. Otherwise, fuck off bitch, because I am just about done with all your twelve years of shit. I deserve some respect, TOO.
Oh, and go ahead and declare that fucking S***** C****** your “best friend”. See how long she lasts. She has NO FUCKING CLUE what it takes to be friends with your psycho ass. I’ve seen it all before, bitch. You infatuate yourself with someone else, deluding them about how psychotic you really are, whilst ignoring me, the girl who DID EVERYTHING FOR YOU. But after a few months, said bitch gets jealous or, even better, realizes how nuts you are, and flees the scene or gets kicked out of your exclusive little club. I don’t know who SC is or where the fuck she even came from, but despite my being threatened by her because I’m used to being ditched by bitches, I know she won’t last. I’m still your favorite. I’ll always be your favorite. So fuck SC. You two are probably hating on the good girl who has a BRAIN right now, but that’s fine. You’ll come crawling back to me eventually. And if not? Good. I’m done with your thankless shit. You can go fuck SC for all I care, you dumb whore, since you love her so much.
And as for this site, some final thoughts. An anonymous rant site is supposed to be AN ANONYMOUS. RANT. SITE. How many people do you know use nice, clean language when ranting? No one. And the comments section? EVERYONE is going to get offended on this site (assuming it really does allow free speech and isn’t censored, which it probably is). Having a comments section is only BEGGING for your site to be turned into a warzone. The only reason I’m on here is ’cause I’m pissed and the other site is down. If that other place ever reopens, I’m out. Until then, I’M GOING TO CUSS.
I have no interest in hearing the thoughts of any other living being on this post. I am NOT in the mood for advice or mockery, so shut the fuck up before you even start. The ONLY person who I would LOVE to hear from is S, as her reaction would just be fucking hilarious and pathetic. But because I’m a decent human being who DOESN’T voice her EVERY ANGRY THOUGHT about her BEST FRIEND, I will spare that idiot bitch from my pissed off wrath. Have fun raising a baby as a single, homeless, jobless, friendless, brainless retard, S.

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