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Equality? HA.

Posted 4th May 2014 1531

People go on and on about how women are treated so damn great in islam and all I have to say to that is YEAH RIGHT. The fuck a man has to do is feed me, clothe me, and not beat the crap outta me. Awesome, so I have basic human rights? I’M SO FUCKING BLESSED. Heavens knows what would happen if men had the right to murder women-oh, wait, they do. If a women sleeps with a man outside of wedlock. WELL, FUCK. Wait, don’t fuck, because that’s what gets you killed. Unless you’re married to the shit, in that case you’re damned if you ever refuse the fucker sex. That’s right, DAMNED IF YOU SAY NO TO SEX. I’m sorry, I thought I was the owner of my body? Nope, the man I get married to is. Marriage sounds like fucking sex slavery. I’m SO fucking done. That’s what nobody ever fucking tells you. They go all like “All men and women are equal in the eyes of god” and make you get fucking warm fuzzy feelings then they go like, “Oh, but one man is equal to two women. By the way, once you’re married you can’t refuse him sex unless you’re bleeding out your vagina or have a medical condition. You can’t argue with him either. If he want’s to move to Nebraska you fucking move with him. You have no say in what happens to your family because-Oh my gosh, you were born a girl? Sucks to be you, bitch. By the way, you can’t leave the house without permission, you can’t travel alone, you can’t shake hands with a man, you shouldn’t make eye contact with one either, and god forbid you ever fucking show him your fucking hair because damn girl you’re some kind of slutty seductress if you do.” like, what the actual fuck does it mean when all of your religion is speaking to men all like, “Women are inferior, weak, lack reason, intelligence, are absolutely run by their emotions, and are just overall a hot mess, so you need to order them around, keep them at home where they are ’safe’, have babies with them whenever you want, and basically have your way all the time. Damn you’ve so much work ahead of you and get more rewards. Be nice to them, though. They deserve your pity.” I’m just so fucking frustrated.

Try to talk to other muslims about it? “Oh my gosh, girl, god LOVES you. Seriously. Look at how he takes care of us. Guys aren’t even allowed to beat us, and they have to provide us food, water, shelter, and clothes! Isn’t it awesome?” OH MY GOSH. So we’re men’s housepets that cook, clean, and have babies? I’m so privileged! And here’s the great part, okay– I could care for myself if religion fucking allowed me. I feel like it’s all like, “Listen up ladies, we’re giving you absolutely no power at all–that’s right, we’re creating you to be inferior– and you gotta deal.” REALLY? So because I get periods WHICH GOD MAKES ME GET I’m inferior religiously speaking because during those times AS GOD HAS DECREED I’m not supposed to pray? That’s fair. And muslim men and women keep talking about how women are treated sooo fucking well, SURE. If they want to be submissive little housewives that take all their husbands crap and pop out a baby a year (haven’t you heard? Using protection is “intensely disliked”. Condoms are fucking evil, huh, guys? Because whenever a man doesn’t want kids it’s “intensely disliked” but should a women not want kids everyone shits a brick.), SURE THEY FUCKING ARE. But the moment a girl says she wants to travel the world, or get a job, or be independent THE SHIT FUCKING HITS THE FAN.

Then you get these little shits that come along all like, “Uhm, hold up, Islam never said that men and women were equal, it’s stated ALL over that they aren’t. Islam isn’t a religion of equality, it’s one of /justice/!” which to me sounds a lot fucking like “Oh, so you’re angry you don’t get to do stuff? Well, too bad, you can’t because I said so. Also, you have a vagina (which God purposefully created you with btw thank him for such a blessing lol), and that means you’re weak and unworthy of equality.”

If god knew how I was going to be created, if He knew that I’d want independence and that I’d have dreams and goals, that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of them as a woman even after getting so close, then why did he make me one? I’m so miserable. All I do is wish I’d die. I can’t take being told I’m inferior and can’t live unless I’m bound to some guy every single day. So if I ever want to do anything, go anywhere, it’ll all be decided based on the whims of whomever I marry? I don’t want to be someone’s property. I don’t want to get married and have kids. I just wanted to live a quiet life. I’ve never stolen, or cheated, or hurt anybody, and all my lies have been little white ones. I didn’t ever ask for anything unreasonable, I just wanted to get a modest job, live in a small, affordable place of my own, maybe get a cat or two.

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