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Everything is too much

Posted 9th May 2011 98

I’m 16 and I’m supposed to be happy and excited that I’m on the brink of everything. I feel nothing right now. My obsession over schoolwork is gone. My obsession over weight is gone. I feel disconnected from everybody: my family, friends, boyfriend, everyone. I want to disappear. I want to float away. I think I’m running away. I think.


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Posted by Anonymous 18th May 2011

Think before you do it, honey. <3

Posted by Anonymous 22nd May 2011

She already said she was thinking. repeatedly. Problem is shes thinking too much. You are obviously suffering from HTGS sweet<3. Thats hormonal teenage girl syndrome. Treatment is simple, just masturbate constantly. Do NOT get anyone to help. Unless your getting beaten or raped at home, which I doubt, dont go anywhere. Your old enough to get a part-time job, get one. Make that an “obsession”. Save up money so when you hit legal age you can get an apartment. Don’t blow your paychecks shopping. For now, go pound your meat curtains with a cucumber. Now.

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