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Posted 29th July 2009 1419

After years of him being out of my life he comes back and makes life hell again. It makes me so upset and no matter how hard i try to forget him…i see him everywhere i go and get reminded all the time. It’s a living nightmare.

relationships upset

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Posted by Anonymous 3rd August 2009

I know how that is…my best advice is to move

Posted by Anonymous 6th September 2009

I know how that is too.. But you can’t just run from it you have to make new memories where old ones still lie. Its the only way to move on and away from the past..

Posted by Anonymous 7th July 2011

It sounds like you just don’t want to get over the past. You might not be able to avoid him, but you can keep him out of your life and out of your bed. Next time you run into him only say “Hello, I know you might want to rekindle something or catch up on old times, but I’m moving on with my life. Goodbye.” Don’t keep talking to him and don’t believe him if he claims it’s only for “old times” or “friendship”. If he’s that bad for you then move on.

If you can’t then perhaps you should seek a therapist so you can work on your obsession you seem to have with choosing the wrong men.

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