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Posted 24th August 2012 1911

GOD you have no right to say that my brother and I bitch and moan because guess what dad?! you do it more than we do Hell I go out of my way NOT to, yeah I’m crying it’s because you scared the living shit out of me!!! and now you’re trying to show me what I look like when I’m doing it oh no DO NOT CALL ME A SIX YEAR OLD WHEN YOUR NO BETTER THAN A TWO YEAR OLD HAVING A F**KING TANTRUM!!!

Archelen, Seriously do you have ANY idea how selfish and bitchy it sounds when you freak out at him over a g*ddamn will?! you’re thinking about his DEATH?! dear god woman do you have any IDEA how bitchy that sounds from a third party point of view?! by the way when you assumed that I wasn’t drawn in to the Titanic movie because it wasn’t animated I wanted to slap you! just because I prefer animations over live action films doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy one

my brother is an asshole who will never cease to torture me and if I get an abusive husband I blame him either that or he’s going to abuse his wife,

and at last I get to Retorv you little prick, you really couldn’t get up off of your ass to help me with the computer stuff so that way the parents wouldn’t wake up and I could avoid my dad biting my hand, you call those people your yelling at on your Xbox your friends when you’re telling them that they SUCK?! that they’re horrible, that they should kill themselves?! you’re COMMANDING them to play a video game, if they don’t wanna play tough shit kid and calling them fags and retards yeah I’m feelin’ the friendly love, and don’t you dare think you have any right to mouth off to me you have NO right to flaunt your perfect damn grades at me, I can’t wait to see you in high school lets see how you survive with that attitude of yours you wouldn’t last a day you hear me?! a day, you are 13 years old you’re going into your teen years how about ACTUALLY growing a pair instead of pretending you have one already huh?! oh and by the way stop farting like it’s a joke, it’s not funny it’s disgusting and no one will want to be around you if you keep doing it! I’ve been told this my entire life since I was 12 now it’s high time you heard it GROW UP!

brother crying scared living tantrum grow step brother step

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