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FML cos the workplace suck


Posted 31st August 2011 46

i really hate negative energy in the workplace and that’s all i’ve been getting lately - negative vibes. everyone’s tired, withdrawn and really down cos prolly of the workload. my boss is slooooow in getting another designer and no one - yes, not one person has the ability to make you feel appreciated and cared for in this team. i wish i had a friend in the office, but sadly, my former boss has made it his life’s ultimate mission to ensure that the team that got him fired won’t get anymore friends in the office. it’s sad cos there’s a lot of politics involved here. no one tends to understand how it’s like for a middle manager level to work in a big pond full of bigger predatory fish. what makes it worse is i feel myself getting more and more demotivated to come to work. i really want to call it quits and take a month-long vacation but then, i’m a grown-up now and i have to pay the bills. so yeah, FML.

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