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FUCK getting married at 23.


Posted 20th January 2012 625

I know no less than 6 couples who are engaged now, and I’ve only been out of college for less than a year. Maybe I’m a little jealous. Okay, maybe I’m a lot jealous because these people seem to have found a committed, fulfilling relationship so early in life, and I can’t seem to hang on to a decent guy for three dates. I KNOW, I know, that these people will probably all be divorced in five years, but I’m having a really hard time seeing that schadenfreude-based silver lining.

AND now that these weddings are coming around, I’m getting to see how much of a “friend” I’m considered as I haven’t gotten a wedding invitation yet. Maybe it’s because they don’t want me around because I might infect the bride with my nasty, single-woman juices (side-effects of which are wanting your own career and an unoccupied uterus). Or maybe it’s cause I’m kind of a bitch. Or maybe it’s because I’M SO FAT OH GOD I’M DYING ALONE.

I’m going to die alone, as a fat old cat lady, eaten by her cats, and I’ll probably have died because of the cats cause I’m allergic to cats, and that’s why I’ll have gotten the cats so that I can die from them. Isn’t that right Mr. Tribbles? WHO’S A GOOD KITTY???

couples engaged college jealous people committed relationship lady cats

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