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Posted 11th June 2011 09

I do actually like facebook in a way… up until a point (that point being the fact that there are completely irrelivant groups: “LOL! Check it out, this girl is so ugly.” No thanks, I actually have morals.)
My very intelligent friend also bleated out the phrase, “But facebook is so clever. There’s never been anything like it before. It’s timeless.” about two days ago. Clearly she failed to notice that facebook is a fairly basic combination of the younger generation social networking sites that came before with added annoying apps that are surrounded by rumours of hacking and other various status’. Despite being fairly clever and apparently worth making a film about, facebook has become increasingly mainstream and dislikable and I can only presume that the people (a lot of whom are half naked teennagers.) that continue to use it do it merely out of habbit and/or the fact that they have become somewhat dependant on the site.
I understand that for the makers of facebook it is probably all about the money now (as the facebook I see before me is half-baked and only an attempt at making money while pleasing the masses.) and I cannot blame them - if I was making that kind of doe it’d pretty much be living with the motto ‘Fuck everything.’ but I just thought this rant might lighten my mind of one of the many things that annoy me in life.
P.s Despite facebook being depicted as a site that ‘never crashes’ I’d rather it crashed and burned than having to see another advert for an untalented musician or the ‘friend finder’ on the home page (if I wanted to find my friends I’d be doing it, would I not? Try appealing to an audience of users were appear to be added only a few of their friends = their closest ones.)

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