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Posted 17th October 2011 1614

I hate Facebook. Honestly, people are just so judgmental and you can’t even express what you really want to without being judged. Girls everywhere are taking pictures with their boobs popping out everywhere, it’s ridiculous. And they’re all sharing their profile pictures like “Like the pictureeeee, not the linkkkkkkk <333 ;*” Like, honestly if they wanted to like your profile picture they would’ve gone to your freaking profile and liked it themselves. And how they do that to get like, 40+ likes from people they don’t even talk to. How 3/4ths of the statuses there are either “LMS” or something else that isn’t even relevant to anyone. I hate it. And how girls are always calling their friends “hoe” or “whore” or “bitch”. Like honestly, why would you even do that? I don’t care if they’re just joking around, it makes them look stupid. And all the girls. Ugh. They all do this pose where it’s all “Butt out, boobs out, peace sign, duck face.” It’s just. Ugh.


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