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Facebook Bitch

Posted 24th May 2011 1116

WTF is wrong with you. Maybe you assume that just because you act that way around everyone else and they all accept you as joking (which you are because you’re close to them) means that you can be that way to me. BUT, I can tell that you’re just using that lousy shit piece of excuse to cover what you’re doing so that other people will be on your side and think that there’s nothing wrong. I know you’re aiming at me, you fuckin bitch. FUCK SOCIAL NETWORKING I’M SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO RANT ON THE INTERNET AND MAKE USE OF WHAT I’M GOOD AT (WRITING, TYPING WORDS! WORDS, DAMNIT) BUT INSTEAD, I HAVE TO PENT IT ALL UP AND LET YOU INSULT ME AND PRETEND THAT I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING ASSHOLE. DON’T THINK YOU’RE SMARTER THAN ME, BITCH. BECAUSE I’M THE SMARTER ONE HERE. IF I COULD ACTUALLY RETORT, I WOULD’VE SHOOT YOU DOWN AND GROUND YOU UNDER MY FEET LIKE THE PIECE OF SHIT YOU ARE. But I can’t. Because stupid social networking has all our friends on there and they won’t be on my side if I started saying stuff that makes you sound stupid (which is technically, what you are).

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