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Facebook blocks me from sending anymore emails due to so-called ‘overuse’


Posted 27th January 2009 1531

Full story. I’m a member of a theatre group and we’ve decided to purchase some hoodies to act as a ‘uniform’ - give the group a bit of an identity. Anyway, we’ve been discussing the design (colours, what it should have on it etc) using the email feature on Facebook. It’s rather handy - you can send the email to a group of people and it acts as a ‘thread’ where everybody replies and everybody sees the response, so it’s more like a conversation rather than a standard email.

So I got a warning from Facebook who accused me of abusing the feature because it would seem they frowned upon the fact that I was replying too often in a short space of time. They ‘helpfully’ suggested the chat feature but the chat feature doesn’t allow group conversations and not everybody is online at the same time so it’s useless.

So I continued responding to the email and now they’ve bizarrely banned me from composing any emails to anybody on Facebook. They haven’t even imposed a time limit to this ban so I’m led to believe it’s for the foreseeable future. Is that really fair? I don’t really see what I’ve done so wrong. I do like the site in general but this is the first time I’ve questioned my use of it. If they’re going to ban for something so harmless then why do I bother even being on the site full stop?

Ugh, this has pissed me off no end.

rant theatre hoodies uniform identity discussing design colours facebook banned email

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Posted by Sam I Am 28th January 2009

Well, first off it’s not a harmless feature, since probably they can’t or don’t want to read the contents of your emails, they might be assuming you are using it for SPAM purposes, also this bans are usually made by automatic scripts, same ones that warned you about the overuse.

Finally, you shouldn’t be placing this kind of complains here, try reaching some facebook help desk or something alike as soon as they verify you are not a spammer the might activate your account again.

Still, they warned you, quit whining.

Posted by Daddy 28th January 2009

Sounds like Facebook is as sick of hearing from you as i am. Theater group….. FAG

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