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Family and Friends

Posted 28th July 2010 1511

For the past 4 years I’ve been with a covert military unit. I can’t bring myself to tell my family and friends. I tell myself its for their own protection but the truth is I’m not sure they would approve and I don’t think I could deal with that. They all think I’m a “Freelance Consultant”. My parents have started to ask me about finding a girl and settling down. I can’t get married doing what I do, that would be torture on my wife. How exactly would the other conversation go? “Mom, Dad, guess what, I’m a spy.”

covert military family friends protection approve freelance consultant parents

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Posted by Anonymous 30th July 2010

I was a “Freelance Consultant” for many years. For it I missed both my parents funerals, my brothers wedding, the births of my niece and nephew, and now all my friends are dead or as good as. You spend your life serving a flag and it costs you your life, you may not die in the field but it still costs you your life. You’ve given your service to your country, now go build a life while you still can.

Posted by Anonymous 30th August 2010

This sounds too much like BS to me.

Posted by Anonymous 18th January 2011

I agree with the first guy. Maybe it’s time you considered a career change. Would it be so bad to have a “normal” life? You’ve done 4 years of service you said, that should be more than any minimum requirement. I’m sure your commanders or whatever will understand. Just remember, if you do find someone special, you can’t keep your entire past a secret. She will have to know something about it.

Posted by Human Nature 3rd April 2012

You can’t run from the fact that youre still human. You need love and support and all that warm gooey stuff. Sooner or later you will need to “settle down” or you’ll pay a very high price personally, and no flag is worth that. Besides, you may find that doing the whole family thing takes more courage than being a spy. Although being a spy is pretty cool. I can’t imagine you have trouble getting women if you’re a spy….

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