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Family its a mess

Posted 21st December 2009 1827

Ok well when i was younger i was made to do things to my step father, he also touched me up when i was 18 and heavily drunk the only reason he stopped then was because i was shouting “No No No” and my mum may have heard, i finally screamed it out just after my 19th after they kept calling my bf a pedo because my sister who lies said so, since then my mum and my sister and brother believe i am telling lies and that they wont believe either one of us (me or my step dad) until one of us owns up, the only people who still stand by me in my life is my grandparents, my bf, and his family, and just the weekend before christmas of all times she decides to kick me out and says she doesnt want to talk to either of us until one owns up, which is never going to happen, i feel really let down, she says its cut her up, but she doesnt know the effect its had on me because i cant talk to her, but i miss them all, but nothing i can do to change the past so no family for xmas, new year or my birthday soon after, i dont really know if i should just leave it now as i cant keep saying im telling the truth as thats not what they want to hear.

family mess abused

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Posted by Anonymous 8th February 2010

You were 19….and they called your boyfriend a paedophile? Explain the laws concerning age of consent to them, it seems they require some clarification on that point.

Posted by Understands..sorta 4th August 2011

Yeah, I was molested by my dads boss who was also a family.friend… I spent the night with at his house so my parents could have “datenight”( his daughter was my friend…so it wasnt too wierd… But as he was wealtgy, and gave my dad substantial bonuses..even if they believed me I doubt they would have do anything anyway… Keep stro ng…who needs parents with oi ut the decency to believe over something ao emotionally scarring to say the least….f*ck em.

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