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Fat Piece of Shit


Posted 12th May 2010 1017

I’ll admit, I’m not the only fat girl in the world, and by far not the US, which is full of fatards like me. But I am one of the few fatasses in California, which is why I’m such a loser. Literally all my friends and everyone I know looks nice, and ten there’s me, the worthless lump of lard. Whenever I see myself I’m reminded of that character Dudley from Harry Potter, Jabba the hut, or similar characters. I’m technically obese, but I am overweight, ugly and stupid.
I’d really like to be able to work out more and burn off some of the calories that weigh me down and make me look and feel like pile of shit but I never get around to it because I’m too fucking lazy to do my homework, and too guilty about it to do anything else when I don’t have it finished.
The brings me back to why I’m so damn stupid. It should be easy for me to lose weight- I have healthy food in my house, a gym is only a few miles away, I’m vegetarian, and I refuse to eat most fast food. But no, instead I have to just stuff my ugly face with with all the sugary shit my mom brings home for fuck knows what reason. Also, I get addicted to the internet because there’s really nothing else to do around here.

I honestly don’t need to be so skinny that I can get a boyfriend or anything, but it’d be really nice if I didn’t have so much flab that my fatass stomach literally hangs over my fucking pants.

stupid fatass girl piece shit moron self-loathing

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