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Fickle Fickle.

Posted 7th January 2011 26

Girl. I cant think of anywhere else I can vent about you and how much of a ridiculous human being you are. You are so fickle, so inconsiderate of other peoples feelings. Floating around looking for someone to love you, someone to pay attention to you, but only so much that allows you to bow out and run away with ample time to save yourself while leaving others cut, bruised and weeping. I have done everything I can to make you understand that I care about you. As soon as I put my feelings to words, you shut down hiding behind your many walls. I have done everything I can to appease you, and more. I spent the night in the hospital with you, when someone close to you was hurt, slept on the floor with you, or rather let you sleep on me so you had something soft to sleep on. Told you I would protect you from anyone and anything. Told you that I want the best for you, and want to see you succeed, and yet…you still have no aspirations of bettering yourself or your situation. Im calling this, on account of shitty weather. It’s for the best really, considering the game was rigged.

failed romance

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