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Forum Rage


Posted 22nd November 2009 103261

When I post in a forum, please, don’t reply to my post or acknowledge my presence in any way. I would much rather that everyone would ignore me and act as if I never posted at all. I mean, it isn’t as if I’m so painfully shy that it takes me three hours to write even the shortest of messages and I don’t agonize for days over what I’ve typed at all, checking every few hours with increasing disappointment as no one says anything to me. It doesn’t drive me to madness knowing that my words are now forever out there on the internet, free for hundreds of other people to view and criticize, and not a single person found anything interesting enough in them to comment on. It doesn’t make me feel boring and self-centered at all when you pretend that I don’t exist and it certainly doesn’t further cement my childhood inferiority complex into my psyche. So, thank you, great internet people, for all your apathy towards me through the years. If it weren’t for you, I might have become some sort of confident individual or something.

Got something to say? Post Now! It’s totally anonymous… rant or confess about anything!

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Posted by StraightEdgeStraight Talk 8th December 2009

Different forum, same shit so far I see. This is what I think son, the internet is a clusterfuck of fail and AIDS. Do you really wish to seek approval from a medium where this is the case?

Work on your real life connections. The people you see face to face, I’ve no idea how old you are but what ever setting you’re in, there’s always oppitunities to become friends with people whose existances are actually relevant to yours.

Because no one on the internet matters bro. No one. They’re virtually all faceless, tedious, retarded, dribbling failfags. I hope you find what you seek dude. Keep that chin up

Posted by M777 12th January 2010

Trust me it is worth it

Posted by OrangeOprah 12th July 2010

Darling, popularity on forums says nothing about social skills.. in fact it probably says that you’re far too normal and therefore considered somewhat of an outsider on the forums.

The people who are ‘popular’ on the forums are mainly geeks, and a lot of the times it is other geeks that they either know personally or know through playing online games with - so it’s not just that they are considered awesome by anonymous masses, it’s just other geeks they know chatting to them.

I agree with the other comments - try taking up some hobbies where you’ll be forced to mingle with other people, take a language class, attend a networking event, get out there with the real people xxx

Posted by Anonymous 25th April 2011

year and a half later,
but I see what you did there.
hope you will not know?

Posted by MotherFucker 9th May 2012


Posted by Jezebel 18th July 2012

“If it weren’t for you, I might have become some sort of confident individual or something.”

wow-Own you shit dude. It ain’t people HERE that making you feel inferior, it’s YOU that doing that to yourself. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, go outside, walk a dog, sit at the lake, take a walk, plant a fucking tree. DO SOMETHING proactive, don’t just write BORING ass, feeling sorry for myself words and expect people (that you don’t know, and really should care about what they think) to comment in your shit. Sounds like someone needs a waaaaaambulance.

Posted by dat feel 10th October 2013

So many people feel this way that you just kinda blend in with that big ol’ group of worthlessness. Do or do not - there is no try. So go out and fucking do something about it or you’ll just be a loser forever.


Posted by Anonymous 3rd September 2014

… and then of course you can’t point this out on said forum so as not to feel like a jackass pestering everyone or in need of attention…. even though you kinda are, and then that makes you feel worse. NO WAY OUT.

Posted by Ricardodum 19th January 2017

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