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Frazzeled frosh.


Posted 14th August 2012 38

I have to play a sport. That’s all my school really offers that involves team work. I want to be a teacher. And I need a scholarship to get into the school I want. And I need more than just good grades. And I already quit basketball for the sake of my grades. But volleyball is beginning to become hell. I used to love the sport. But it’s so different now being a highschooler. These girls aren’t my teammates. When I played 7/8 volleyball those girls became my team. And now I’m the lonely freshman who doesn’t know anything. I hate it. I hate the every day practices and the soreness. I hate it. I know I sound lazy but it’d be a hell of a lot more endurable if I liked my fucking team. I’m confused.

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Posted by ~~~ 18th August 2012

I swam in high school. It’s more loner-geared than most teams, after all only relays require teamwork….and if you don’t like your team members you just drown them out (see what i did there? :P ) with the sound of water rushing by. You still work together for a common goal (a point total to qualify for the next level of comp) and if you get along with everyone it really is ALOT of fun!

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