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Freeloading Jerk


Posted 2nd August 2010 37

So I live with a freeloading jerk. Word to the wise: once you’ve invited someone into your home, it can be very difficult to get them to move back out, from a legal standpoint. Kind of like vampires, it’s really hard to rescind the invitation. So keep that in mind when your devil-may-care relative asks if it’s alright to crash in your guest room.

And it’s not enough this jackass lives here and uses up all the hot water and eats up all my food and makes a lot of noise and leaves some very uncouth smells in the house. Oh, no. The ungrateful little shit is dissatisfied with the accommodations! He bitches all the time. I remind him that he is free to find a new situation if he’s really that uncomfortable. He cannot take even that blunt of a hint.

There’s an oldie but a goodie trick of moving into a hotel room for a week and shutting off the power, then changing the locks as soon as the freeloader has exited the premises. I can’t afford to move into a hotel room for a week right now, or I’d totally do it. Man, what do I have to do to get this freakazoid out of my house? He is a leech!

freeloading jackass ungrateful mooch

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Posted by It’s a me, Mario! 21st August 2011

Wait till he’s out of the house and get the locks changed. Then move all his crap onto the lawn.

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