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Fuck Them!


Posted 17th October 2011 1923

My mother got divorced 13 years ago. When she remarried she did so with an ASSHOLE. This ASSHOLE degraded my siblings and I along with my mother as well. A couple years into their marriage he started to abuse me verbally and borderline physically. My mother was to preoccupied by her own problems so she ignored mine and focused on her her own by trying to have the little girl that would fix there marriage.
They are still married and still looking for that little girl.

This ASSHOLE still continues to degrade me and has accomplished the task of manipulating my mother into thinking I was a bad enough child to deserve it. She now has the guts to tell me that I am the problem and caused it upon myself. She also tries to forget anything DID happen.

I have not told anyone about what he has done, and it has eaten at me. I have become anorexic twice and neither of them cared to say anything until my school called them.
If I said anything to anyone, I would be kicked out with no where to go and separated from my five other siblings.

asshole pissed helpless bitch abuse

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Posted by Anonymous 28th April 2012

That Sucks :/ My Mum once had a boyfriend that was a complete twit and that only lasted a few months. He never Physically abused me and if he did then he would have been in a lot of trouble but he acted like a little girl and always winged about me saying i was picking on him…..He was nearly 50 and im like 15?? He was just an idiot? Now that i look back i sort of just laugh at all the idiotic stuff he did. Now my Mum has a boyfriend who is awesome! So that’s cool but anyway back to you’re problem Maybe you could talk to an Adult outside of you’re family or a counsellor? I don’t really know how to help but It does get better and Good Luck :)

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