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Fuck my roommate

Posted 7th November 2012 65

Ok so I live in a triple with two other girls, lack of privacy and space, yes I know. However with my one roommate who I’ve been good friends with since the beginning of freshman year, I can count on my hand how many times I’ve gotten annoyed with her, as for my other roommate The Russian (I’m trying to not use names, she’s a citizen as of a few weeks ago and has been here since she was 8 but was born there) she is super anal neurotic clean freak, competitive, annoying, and is so stubborn because she ALWAYS needs to get the last word in, for everything.

Ok but real issue, election is over and she’s reading aloud this article on Puerto Rico voting on statehood, ok so I’M the one that’s Puerto Rican, grew up in NY but my family is from there. I was surprised to hear it just because of the property tax thing, gentrification just stuff my family has complained to me about. I also mentioned how it would be hard for it to be independent because of the emphasis on tourism and it’s ties with the US, she’s like “Puerto Rico can be like another Hawaii haha “….uh no bitch, just be quiet, so she asked what I meant about the taxes, I try explaining it to her, and she has this dumb blank look on her face and is like “Well don’t they pay taxes” “No once the land is paid for in full it’s yours” just keeps staring, kind of rolls her head back, walks away and is like “yeah I don’t really care”….FUCK YOU. YOU asked me the question, you brought up the subject, and I am giving you information based off of my family who has actually lived there and have land there, god forbid I said anything about Russia. Do I fucking bring up Russia and try to argue with you acting like I know more about the subject just to be right? NO And the worst part is she’s one of those people everyone thinks is nice and sweet so you can’t bitch about them, you know the type, god forbid you talk shit and you’re the crazy bitch for being mean to them? That was super offensive to me, especially if you’re the one bringing it up and don’t respect the fact that I know more about it, and don’t just fucking walk away and say you don’t care, in the middle of me talking to you, that’s MY Family, and MY heritage you fucking cunt. And no one wants to bring up how fucking rude and abrasive she is all the time if she doesn’t get her way, constantly interjecting ‘you should do this’ ‘why don’t you just do it this way?’ or correcting people without anybody asking her opinion, and act like, well she doesn’t realize she’s doing it or like she’s FOB and doesn’t know any better. FUCK YOU, fucking dumb bitch. She keeps fucking doing this, asking my opinion and then rudely writing me off or arguing everything I told her, like asking for my opinion on her projects, on if she should buy this brand of butter or not, on helping her write a cover letter and resume (which is my one of the fucking jobs I was trained for and fucking get paid to do), once I was cleaning dishes and mind you I was washing a huge stack of everyone’s dishes, and she asks me not to hang her mugs off the dish wrack, I was just doing them all at once, so she takes the time to point out all of HER mugs, and then flips all the cups, not even just hers that I just cleaned mouth up to let the water just sit and evaporate at the bottom of the cup?…., I flip them back the way I had them, and she flips them up again….. just ughhhh so yeah I just needed to get this out because of course she pulls this shit right before going to bed so I can’t say shit. Fucking bitch.

russian cunt roommate

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Posted by Anonymous 22nd November 2012

Totally feel your pain. No shame in this anger, I’d hate this bitch too.

Posted by Shy 13th December 2012

She sounds like a HUGE FUCKING CUNT!!!!!!!!!! If someone insulted my heritage I’d b pissed u are very much in the right to b pissed at the end of the day if you know she’s a bitch and there r others who know to then fuck what others say knock her ignorant dumbass out!!!!!! She wants to pretend that she knows everything let her stupid ass know what it feels like to hit you in the fist with her face!!!!!!!!!

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