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Fuck you


Posted 6th December 2012 46

You want space? Fuck you. After making me feel like complete shit for asking you for space to recover from you dumping me, now you’re the one asking me for space? I was going to put my feelings aside and ask you to be friends, just like you asked for a week ago when you broke my heart. I wanted to be there for you because I know you’re going through quite a lot right now. But, no. You wouldn’t let me get that far. Same old moody fucking you. Making it seem like a chore to talk to me. I did fuck all to you, you selfish bitch. I don’t live on the same continent as you, it’s fucking hard to make this work, at least I’m trying. I sent you flowers. I sent you cards. I ask you to Skype all the time. I spent a shit load of money, money I haven’t got, to fly out and visit you.

What have you done for me? You haven’t sent me anything. You haven’t came to visit. You constantly tell me you’re too busy to Skype or you don’t like Skyping because it gives you a headache. And you have the fucking audacity to tell me I don’t make you feel loved and I treat you like shit? I don’t know why I even tried to fight for you after that. But I did. Little, naive me, blinded by love. Only for you to break my heart again a week later. Well fuck you. I don’t want you back any more. I accepted you didn’t want a relationship. I told you I would be there for you. I told you I wanted you in my life. You broke my heart. The only thing I asked for was a bit of time to heal from the initial pain. But that was too much to ask for, for you, wasn’t it, you selfish cunt?

Well, you want space? You can have all the fucking space in the world. Explore every last cubic metre of the space. Take all the time you need, make sure you get a fucking good look at the space. Just don’t bother me any time soon, I’m done with you.

girlfriend fuck

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