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Fuck you both.

Posted 20th January 2011 1415

I’ve fucking had it with both of you.
You tease your friends, whisper like you two are a fucking couple and all that bullshit.
Whisper, giggle, whisper…is that all that you two fucking know?

Person #1: I’ve been trying to be nice to you..but you’ve changed. I mean keep your boobs in your shirt and chill…other people can talk to your boyfriend too…HE’S NOT THAT GREAT!! >:( He’s using you and the whole world sees it! But nooo….if I so much as glance at him, you try to take my head off….

Newflash bitch, I can mess you so fast, you won’t fucking know that hit you. Trust me, I’ve been playing nice.

Your life isn’t that bad for you to whine, complain and cry about it. And next time you go somewhere, bring your own money you fucking mooch. I’m sick of paying for you. I’m sick of you using my other bff as a fucking doormat. She’s hurt cuz of you, and do you care. Nope.

Person #2: …..As for you. I don’t know what the fuck you did to me on Friday, but I have no fucking clue why I suddenly like you. The things one free period together can do to people *mumbles*

Your nothing but a heartbreaker, I’ve seen it. And you’re like person #1’s puppydog. Following her around and doing everything that she wants…..You look pathetic.

When your around me, you’re so nice, and sweet, but the second that BITCH comes, you’re a complete dick. And I’m sick of it….I’ve only been being nice so you wouldn’t fight with me…but trust me…you have it coming as well.

fucking friends whisper couple bullshit giggle person changed people

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