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Posted 9th October 2009 2219

Tired of not fitting into their box. Never given a chance even though you worked for 30 years. Employers think just because someone has a degree, they are normal or don’t have personal problems, think again. I have seen it in my own children. Past employees with poor manners (a degree gives them a license to be an asshole and refuse to do any work they wish not too), play on the internet and cell phone while at work, be disrepectful, steals and destroys the employer’s personal property if they do not get their way. If that is what you want instead of normal people that work hard and can provide the same if not better service and not hiding behind a piece of paper then you deserve what you get. Just because someone works hard at school they think someone has not worked hard without a degree. Experience should count.

I am all for education, but some people cannot afford it or it does not make sense to pay so much money for jobs that do not pay that much. Employers, remember if they do not work out, fire them before 90 days and you will not be liable for unemployment compensation. Get normal, hardworking people back to work and watch your business flourish.

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Posted by StraightEdge StraightTalk 8th December 2009

I resent this post dude. I’m doing a degree and I’d like to think I’ll treat people who don’t have degrees with the same respect as people that do. And will work my ass off 100% of the time.

You really think people who don’t have degrees are all honest hardworking individuals? I can assure you they’re not. Your post sounds like it stems totally from jealousy. Focus on bettering yourself anyway you can rather than shit talking those who have taken the academia route into the workplace. In other words……………GROW UP

Posted by Anonymous 27th June 2011

StraightEdge StraightTalk, you’re as self-righteous & smug as the next well-to-do Republican w/ Silver Spoon complex. Congratulations.

Seriously, Get America Back To Normal…I could resent this post myself, I do have a Bachelor’s in psychology from Duke U…but I don’t. Mostly b/c I know plenty of people from either side of the college education fence. There are lazy, shifty, greedy, self-interested assholes on both sides, who just wanna get away w/ getting paid to do as little work as possible. I gotta say, though, I have noticed that a lot of employees w/ entitlement issues just happen to have degrees. These bad apples think they should just have everything handed to them on a silver platter simply b/c they went to this or that community college for 2 years, & throw a tantrum–however passive-aggressive–when they don’t get their way.

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