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Posted 5th May 2011 55

Me and my now ex went out for 13 months. Our bestfriends nicolle and Andrew went out for 6. They broke up 8 months ago and nicolle still hasn’t moved on. Kevin and I broke up a month ago and were pretty good on moving on. Nicolle and I were talking and she said I can’t do anything with Andrew. But now she’s talking about doing stuff with Kevin. Really bitch, we broke up a month ago and you can do whyever the damn well you please but I can’t even give Andrew a kiss good night, really? And kevin is just a Horney bastard that would do anything that would let him. Gah!!!!!

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Posted by Anonymous 5th May 2011

I think you, Nicolle, Kevin, and Andrew should all just have a 4way. Get it all out of your system, then you could think clearly. It may take a couple of times, but just rinse and repeat. With baby oil. And a cam. E-mail me the vid.

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